COURSES: The Lay of the Land

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10k Course

The 10k is a mostly flat course with very minimal incline/decline. The only major hills are a 50 yard incline as runners approach the halfway mark and another 50 yard incline as runners approach the finish line.

The 10k offers a fantastic tour of the beautiful Stonehill College campus. The course utilizes the paved roads, dirt roads, walkways and bridges to make for a weaving course through Stonehill’s grounds.

Course Cutoff: You have 2 hours to complete the 10k course.

10k Elevation Profile
Start: 159 ft Max: 161 ft Gain: 203 ft

Half Marathon Course

The Half Marathon is a mostly flat course with light incline/decline. The only major climbs are around mile 6.5 (on Palisades Circle) and a 50 yard incline as runners appoach the finish line. All other “hills” are minimal. This is a relatively flat, fast course. 

The 13.1 Mile course provide runners a tour through some beautiful sections of Easton and Stoughton Massachusetts. Leaving from Stonehill College and crossing over Washington Street, runners head into the “Sheep Pasture” operated by the Natural Resources Trust of Easton, and exit onto Main Street. From there, the course heads into the rolling neighborhoods around Ames Long Pond in Stoughton. A lollipop-style course, runners eventually reconnect with the same route back to Stonehill, returning to campus. 95% of the course is paved road or walkway, with 3 quick dirt-road sections that are located toward the start of the race and just as you come into the final miles. The course is highlighted by a quick but challenging final hill that leads into the finish. 

Course Cutoff: You have 3.5 hours to complete the half marathon course. 

Half Elevation Profile

Start: 159 ft Max: 235 ft Gain: 413 ft

Aid Stations

10k Race

3 Aid Stations

Chapel Aid Station (Water & Gatorade)

Donaue Hill Aid Station (Water)

Chapel Aid Station (Water & Gatorade)

Half Marathon

9 Aid Stations

Sheep Pasture Aid Station (Water)

Pond Street Aid Station (Water)

Ames Long Pond Aid Station (Water, Gatorade & Gel)

Harlow Street Aid Station (Water)

Palisades Circle Aid Station (Water)

Ames Long Pond Aid Station (Water, Gatorade & Gel)

Pond Street Aid Station (Water)

Sheep Pasture Aid Station (Water)

Other Course Considerations


The average high temperature on race day is 82 degrees F. The average low temperature on race day is 66 degrees F. This is a SUMMER running festival and obviously heat can play a major role. Plan your race accordingly, and take careful note of our aid station layout. We do highly suggest carrying some sort of hydration with you to make for a more safe and successful day.

Safety Concerns:

For your own safety we ask that you do NOT wear headphones in the race. We have live music at the finish, so save the jammin’ until the end. This is so on-course police and volunteers can better communicate with you, and you can hear local traffic. 

Cooling Stations:

We will have sprinklers running on the course to keep you cool as you run your race. You will pass sprinklers 3 times in the half marathons, and 2 times in the 10k. 

First Aid:

If you need medical attention on the race course please notify a race volunteer or staff member. We will have on-site ambulances and a roaming medical command unit. There will be a medical tent at the finish for anyone who needs to be attended to, and medical staff monitoring the finish line area. 

smiling man after completing race