The Party: Let's Celebrate!

We’re a bunch of beer drinkin’ runners who love to tackle courses and celebrate with brews afterwards. Over a decade ago we launched this race for those like us, willing to log some summer miles in anticipation of the celebratory ‘Gansetts at the finish line! We welcome you to one of the biggest road race parties in the Boston area! 

The Beer

This isn’t just just a summer half marathon and 10k road race. It’s an iconic celebration of our sport. Each runner will receive two ice-cold Narragansett Beers at the finish line, handed our by our wonderful team of volunteers!

The Music

Lay back in the grass, enjoy your ‘Gansetts and bask in the success of your run with live and local music, right in the beer garden! 

The Lunch

During our 10th Anniversary Race we incorporated a lunch as part of race entry. It was such a hit, we’re making it permanent! Details will be announced as race weekend approaches, but you can plan on lunch at the finish line!